Creating education for children worldwide

Creative Philanthropy offers self-identified Creatives a platform to empower underprivileged children worldwide. These Creatives contribute towards social impact projects that support education and knowledge for action about Self-Care, Earth-Care and Creative Expression

The Creative Philanthropists choose from several impact-oriented actions. From supporting financially, through outreach or any other way they choose to serve.

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How it all started

It began with Puneet, the Chief Creative Philanthropist, writing a children’s storybook – Deepa Wishes Daddy Happy Birthday – as a birthday gift for his then 3-year-old daughter, Ila. The vision grew into a movement based in love, which supports other children who do not have as many resources as Ila does. Puneet decided to commit all profits from the sales of his first book to support the education of underprivileged kids in his home country, India, and partnered with the first school. And now Puneet invites "Creatives" from anywhere in the world to give give back for social impact through Creative Philanthropy.


Who Is a Creative Philanthropist?

A Creative Philanthropist is someone who considers himself or herself Creative – in any manner. Someone who is keen to make a difference in the lives of children worldwide by giving back for social impact. In fact, we believe everyone is a Creative.

Our definition of “creative” is not restricted to the realms of artists and those traditionally considered creative, or those making a living off their creative talents. A Creative Philanthropist may well be someone pursuing creativity as a hobby for self-expression. Our Creative Philanthropists give back financially, or by doing hands on work or sometimes organizing fund raisers.


What we are building at Creative Philanthropy serves humanity powerfully. Our Vision, Mission and Values are the guiding lights that allow the Creative Philanthropy team to remain many in body, but one in mind and heart.

ServicePutting ourselves forward in a selfless and committed manner in serving the children, communities and the greater vision as a whole
GenuinenessCommunicating openly, directly, and honestly in a respectful manner that serves both powerful conversations and actions. Both allow us to maximize our time and creating things that matter
CreativityBringing creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to utilize our resources effectively, to generate novel and practical solutions to the challenges we are addressing, maintain our sense of creativity
CollaborationWorking together, sharing information and resources with each other and our stakeholders, forging new connections regularly and finding new areas of value creation
HeartBeing aligned and bringing our heart, passion and enjoyment into every aspect of the work we do. Showing up from a space of alignment with self and purpose


A world in which all children receive holistic education and are actively participating in self- care, earth-care and creative expression


To empower underprivileged children by providing knowledge for action towards our vision, helping with educational infrastructure and providing mentorship and guidance for future leaders through the support of our Creative Philanthropists and the Creative Philanthropy’s Dream Builder Community


The Team

Puneet Sachdev, Chief Creative Philanthropist

An experienced international management consultant, coach, and social entrepreneur, Puneet has lived and worked in Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa. He also consults in the field of Learning Technologies. The founder of Creative Philanthropy, Puneet brings his heart, well-honed business skills and tenacity to initiatives of social impact around the world. He continues to author children's books for his daughter Ila as birthday gifts each year. In his free time, Puneet enjoys conscious dance, singing and golf.

Marty Nasralla, Communications Maestro

With years spent visiting and documenting eco-communities, social projects, sustainable development and rural development projects, Marty is dedicated to support positive change via his expertise in Digital Marketing. He covers topics such as Social Media, Photography, Videography, Financing and team building for Creative Philanthropy and has made a point to personally visit the schools to connect directly to the projects we are supporting.

Claire ‘Fairy’ Colston, Partner and Creative Genie

Claire ‘Fairy’ Colston, creative director, publisher and storytelling consultant, uses narrative and story as a means of empowering children and adults. Claire's books and development resources are used in primary schools across Scotland as a part of their mental health and well being programmes. Claire oversees various management and creative aspects within Creative Philanthropy, and contributes to the schools curriculum development and research.

Ginger Kern, First Impressions Advisor

Featured on Forbes & TEDx, Ginger Kern is a high performance mindset coach for women in business. After working in Europe for over three years and traveling to 25 countries by the age of 25, Kern returned to the United States to found Global Mindset LLC, which provides mindset coaching to clients in more than 8 countries. A speaker represented by the Denver Speakers Bureau, Ginger speaks on leadership & building global careers at organizations across the United States. She advises Creative Philanthropy on creating an impactful first impression through the use of words and also facilitates global connections for the team.